ebase: Community relationship management software for nonprofit organizations

ebase entry screen

Nonprofits have an enormous influence on bringing education, quality, preservation, change, and caring into others lives. And we know you need the tools to manage your organization’s needs and contacts.

ebase® can help you improve your efforts to attain your organizations goals. Created by nonprofits, for nonprofits – ebase® supports nonprofits by providing the tools to manage your relationships the people that support and sustain your organization.

You can use ebase® to manage your contact information, membership and financial data, volunteer data, event information, and outreach campaigns.

Most nonprofits are better off spending their hard-earned money on customization and training than on software itself which is why we make ebase® available free of charge through online download.

ebase@ is a custom application built with the leading cross-platform desktop database application, FileMaker Pro. If you don't have a copy of Filemaker Pro, it's not a problem: You can download and run the ebase® "standalone" version. While this will somewhat limit your ability to customize ebase®, it is completely free and works on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

If you have a copy of Filemaker Pro 5 or 6, you can download the "source" version, which allows you to view and alter the source code to customize ebase® specifically for your organization's needs.