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Can I use eBase as a Member Directory?

I am brand new to ebase, and a leader in a 2500 member all-volunteer non-profit.  Can I use ebase to set up an opt-in Professional and Personal Networking Member Directory?

Export file for Reminders

I would like to export a file with the data needed for reminders.  Experimenting, I did this : choose Find, choose Pledge Data, enter >0 in Pledge Balance, go to Reports, choose Member Data

Export all data to Excel or Access

I am trying to export all of our data to an excel or access file. I am able to view all of the contact data and last donation however I am unable to get all of the log items out. Any suggestions???

How to export all of my data

Hello. I'd like to download all of my data from the Mac version of ebase & import itto a PC based version. I'm not sure how to do the download part. Is there one report that downloads everything?

problems with payment page

I am writing from an education based not for profit group that has been using ebase 1.02 , filemaker pro 5.5 for a number of years.

exporting ebase names to word 2007....

I used to be able to export a list of names from ebase to excel. Now with Vista and excel 2007 I can no longer do that. Is there anyway around this?

How do I start?

I just downloaded ebase, but can't find anyplace to start the program. Please help

Thank you

Dan Greenburg

registering e-base

We have been considering e-base for quite a while and I joined the "ebase community" quite a while ago. I recently downloaded ebase and am trying to register it. It says that the registration number was included in the original e-mail when I joined which is long gone. Any suggestions about how I can register?

Initial entry - name address + pledge/payment

I am just starting my ebase pro 2 setup etc. I am on Windows XL, Office 2003, and am loading with FileMaker 5.5 or 6 in single user mode.
My initial source is excel spreadsheet with 750 entries - name, address (street, city, state, zip, zip+), pledge amount, date of contact, event, payment amount, date payment. Initially these will be the only population in my database. Others (mostly without monty amounts) will be added from other lists later.

Help with importing donations

I have downloaded E-Base version 2 and I have uploaded a list of about 1500 contacts: name, address, phone number and e-mail address. I can't seem to figure out where the donations and date of donations are stored when I upload. Can anyone please give me some direction on that?