How do I use the ebasePro 2.20 semi-automatic update?

The Windows Installer/Updater handles updating an older build of ebase - Mac users will need to run the semi-automatic updater instructions below to update older installs of ebase.

Can ebasePro be used by multiple people on a network?

Yes, ebasePro has a multi-user configuration that enables multiple users to access ebase data at the same time on their own computers.

The ebase® Archives

The ebase Support Archives are divided into two sections:

1) Old versions of ebase software, training materials, documentation and utilities are located here:

History of ebase

ebase® is a series of Filemaker Pro® templates developed for use by nonprofit organizations to manage their relationships with their community: members, donors, activists, clients, volunteers and c

How to contribute to ebase's online documentation

Anyone with a login on this ebase web site can contribute to ebase's online documentation. If you're not sure you're expert enough to write documentation, don't worry!

Q: What is the cost of ebase?

A: Since we provide the single user ebase installer with a "runtime"...

Q: Where can I get copies of FileMaker and FileMaker Server that will work with ebase 2.20?

A: If you have a volume licensing agreement, and either have or can find the media,...